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Hi, I’m Ellie Hatto, the voice behind
Beside Yourself and chief creator.

I’ve always been fascinated by people; the way we behave, what we say and how we react to what life throws at us; how we make sense of the world and cope with life; social conditioning and assumptions. I like talking about all of the above, and more…

I created Beside Yourself as a platform share the content I produce and celebrate the projects I’m involved in.

I tend to focus on the irritating, annoying and downright heartbreaking sides of life, for which I blame my upbringing and life experiences (most of which I’ve had no control over; the rest I’m working on…..).”

Expert by experience

I’m an alumni member of the charity Sounddelivery Media Spokesperson Network Programme.

I concentrated on amplifying my lived experience of suicide bereavement (my 82-year-old dad took his own life in 2013) to have honest conversations around suicide and act as an advocate and commentator, providing (what I consider to be) an important voice for the suicide bereaved community as an expert by experience.

The programme equipped me with the skills and confidence to believe that my work might resonate with others; inform, engage, tickle, or whatever, in some way or another.

I’ve been involved in various roles and projects in suicide bereavement support and prevention alongside public and private sector partners since 2017.

Published work
10 years after my dad’s death by suicide, the top 10 things that still surprise me
By Ellie Hatto, July 2023 A personal reflection of real life after …
Advocating for Compassion and Better Treatment: Transforming the Coroner’s Inquest System for Those Bereaved by Suicide 
By Ellie Hatto, January 2024 This thought piece aims to amplify the …

“Suicidal thoughts affect older people too – I lost my beloved father at 82” – Metro first person article for World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

Podcasts and videos

Guesting on Metro “Mentally Yours” podcast for World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

“Do you know where to go for help?” – YouTube video campaign for World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Sounddelivery Media Presents: A Conversation on Suicide – YouTube panel discussion

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to work or collaborate with me
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