Hi, I’m Ellie Hatto, the voice of Beside Yourself.

It’s a platform to share the content I produce and celebrate the side hustle “passion” projects I can’t help but get involved in.

My area of focus is quite simple; the often not so pretty life experiences and situations that have affected me personally; ranging from the death of my mum when I was four in 1980 to the suicide of my 82-year-old dad in 2013, plus everything else in between and thereafter. Like being a parent and navigating personal relationships.

I firmly believe in the power of honest conversations about difficult subjects for the greater good and breaking down unnecessary and unhelpful barriers. An injection of humour to proceedings, then even better.

I get my inspiration from conversations and experiences. I support the lived experience “voice” and respect its power and influence to challenge the status quo and misconceptions.

I blog, vlog, write for media and get invited to guest on podcasts and panel discussions. I’ve always been a pretty open and “tell it like it is” kind of person, which is getting worse/better as I’ve got older (depending which way you look at it).

I’ve been proudly involved in various roles and projects in suicide alongside public and private sector partners since 2017 and (peer) supported hundreds of people similarly bereaved by suicide. I’ve amassed quite the collection, see below…..

For the record, practically no photos exist of me without my (prescription) sunglasses on.

Ellie x

Published work
Blog posts
10 years after my dad’s death by suicide, the top 10 things that still surprise me
By Ellie Hatto, July 2023 A personal reflection of real life after …
Advocating for Compassion and Better Treatment: Transforming the Coroner’s Inquest System for Those Bereaved by Suicide 
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Media articles

“Suicidal thoughts affect older people too – I lost my beloved father at 82” – Metro first person article for World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

Podcast & radio appearances, vlogs, campaign videos and panel discussions

Guesting on The Secret Life of Mothers podcast: The Motherless Mother

The Jordan Legacy “Jordan’s Space” Yowah radio show 35: ‘Voluntary Assisted’ Dying vs ‘Assisted Suicide’ interview discussion

Sounddelivery Media Presents: A Conversation on Suicide – YouTube panel discussion

Guesting on Metro “Mentally Yours” podcast for World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

“Do you know where to go for help?” – YouTube video campaign for World Suicide Prevention Day 2023 for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

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